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SEMA is the British National Committee of the European Racking Federation (ERF) which is a federation of racking, shelving and storage equipment manufacturers' associations across Europe, with itself consisting of the storage equipment product group of FEM.

FEM represents the technical, economic and political interests of one of the largest industrial sectors of the European mechanical engineering industry. Active participation in FEM offers great advantages to companies who can discuss with experts from other countries, create valuable personal relations, identify mutual interests and stimulate creative work. New trends can be identified at an early stage and taken into account during R&D.

FEM has represented European manufacturers of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment since it was founded in 1953. FEM is a non-profit trade association (AISBL under Belgian law) permanently based in Brussels to better represent its members and their interests' vis-a-vis the European institutions and European partners.

FEM membership currently consists of 13 National Committees from Member States of the EU, as well as Switzerland and Turkey. They are the driving force in promoting a common vision for FEM industries and in maintaining the European materials handling, lifting and storage industry's position of leader on the world market. The European industry has an annual turnover of around 45 billion euros. In total, FEM represents more than 1,000 companies with approximately 160,000 employees covering around 80% of all eligible European companies. Thus it accounts for more than half of the world's total production.

The FEM Racking and Shelving Product Group represent, promote and protect the interests of the European Racking Industry by:

  • Establishing a source of information for manufacturers, distributors, test houses, control organisations, users, teaching bodies and government authorities.
  • Facilitating European discussion about technical, commercial and economic storage equipment and methods issues.
  • Facilitating European collaboration:
    - Definition and classification of equipment
    - Terminology
    - Production of standards
    - Safety and quality
    - Market data
    - Research and development
  • Publishing a range of studies and documents promoting good practice.